Caludon career pathways. Where could your training journey take you…

Jodie Pettipher

Qualified – 2014


Assistant Leader of English (KS5) “I studied PGCE School Direct Secondary English at Warwick University, and trained at Caludon Castle School and completed the course in 2014. I was offered a job at Caludon in January of my training year and completed my NQT year here.
Last year, I was part of the Emerging Leaders programme which gave me a chance to look into KS5 English in more depth. I have since been employed as Assistant Leader of English (KS5).”
Victoria McManus

Qualified – 2007

Strategic Director
for Mathematics
and Assistant Headteacher
“Having attended Caludon Castle School I studied for a Mathematics degree at Warwick University. On completion of this I studied for my PGCE in Mathematics at Warwick University, graduating in June 2007. I began my career at Caludon in July 2007 successfully completing my NQT year. From this point I have had a wide range of opportunities available to me which have continued to develop my subject pedagogy and allowed me to develop my leadership skills. I have been accredited as a Lead Learning Practitioner and support the accreditation of Mathematics as a Lead Learning Faculty. I led the Mathematics faculty for four years supporting the development of two further Lead Learning Practitioners and developing our philosophy of creative learning and teaching.”
Oliver Riding

Qualified – 2016


Aspiring Leader of Learning and KS4 Leader of Maths “I trained through Warwick University as a School Direct maths trainee based at Caludon Castle in 2015-16 and have completed my NQT year here. Caludon’s active and engaging approach to mathematics teaching, along with the friendly and supportive staff and mentors ensured that my teacher training was rewarding, well supported and truly enjoyable.”
Paul Moffatt

Qualified – 2014


Subject Leader Sport & Leisure “I have taught at Caludon since finishing my School Direct training course here in 2013. At the end of my NQT year, I was offered a responsibility for Student Leadership. As part of my role, I provide CPD training sessions for staff, making me an integral part of the Learning and Teaching team. I am now in my fourth year of teaching at Caludon and my role has grown to include responsibility for sport across all key stages. Within my department, I act as a subject mentor to a School Direct trainee, and can use my first-hand experience of the school and university to provide effective support on their training journey. In the years proceeding the completion my teacher training, I have had numerous invitations and opportunities to return to Warwick University to lead on subject specific training for both PGCE and School Direct trainees.”
Lindsay James

Qualified – 2010


Trust Leader of Teachers New to the Profession

Assistant Principal Leader of Learning

“Having trained at Caludon, I qualified as a teacher in 2009. In my second year of teaching I was responsible for the promotion of Creativity and Collaboration across the school. Having taken a career break, in order to travel, I have returned to Caludon to teach English and History. In my trust role, I support trainees in their development, liaising closely with Warwick University and assisting trainees in their learning journey. Caludon gives you the opportunity to excel as a practitioner with plenty, and varied, career opportunities for those who wish to pursue a career pathway.”
Kacey DeGroot

Qualified – 2005

Assistant Principal Leader of Learning – Drama “I studied for the PGCE in Drama and English in 2004-5 and received my initial placement at Caludon Castle School, from September until Christmas. In my view, the quality of the initial teacher training, and the opportunity to experiment with ideas and strategies, supported by a school and department with ‘outstanding’ expectations, and with the focus firmly on the students, allowed me to undertake an extremely successful longer second training placement at Bluecoat School. Because of my experience and the quality of my teaching I secured very quick progression in my career and was able to lead the Drama department in another school for four years, straight from my NQT year.
Undoubtedly my Caludon Castle School training experience was a vital factor in my successful appointment here; firstly as a lead for creativity across the school, then as Head of Drama, and finally to my current position as Assistant Principal Leader of Learning.”