Castle Phoenix Teaching School Alliance

Castle Phoenix Teaching School Alliance is a collaborative partnership of 24 schools across Coventry and Warwickshire, plus Coventry LA and the University of Warwick.  Together we work to provide the capacity to deliver outstanding professional and leadership development, school to school support, ITE and research opportunities.

The strength of this collaborative approach means we are very well positioned to provide what the profession and school system need to facilitate outstanding outcomes for all learners. Partners in this alliance have a proven track record of high quality assured provision of school to school support, ITE and CPD (including leadership development).

All partners within the alliance are committed to seeking, nurturing and developing world class future leaders to provide the best possible life chances for all young people. Through our wide-ranging and powerful partnerships, we can work with education professionals and schools in the following areas:

  • Initial Teacher Education. Whatever route and style of training is sought by any potential trainees, we can provide this, whether salaried or training.
  • All types of professional development, whether short courses, longer courses, twilight opportunities or bespoke programmes, both in and out of schools.
  • Support for schools tailored to the need of the individual school. This can include major support across all aspect of need, or smaller more specific areas of support. Our Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) are available for this, as are other staff, both at senior level and classroom practitioners. We also have a pool of LLEs and NLEs.
  • Support for research work and projects, whether for individuals or schools.