SLE Zohra Dhanai


Mathematics and Leadership of Curriculum
Secondary Phase
President Kennedy School

I am an Assistant Headteacher of President Kennedy School and responsible for Mathematics.  I have led my department through the journey from being satisfactory to becoming outstanding. When I joined the school, the maths department was in the bottom 6% of schools for attainment and we are now in the top 6% of schools.

I qualified as a teacher of Mathematics 18 years ago and still have my passion for teaching my subject. This passion has driven the decisions I have made during my career. I started with the desire to change learning in my classroom which led me to change learning across the school and, now as an SLE, I look forward to supporting changing learning across other schools.

I view my role as SLE as an exciting opportunity to work with other schools. I feel strongly that whilst I can offer skills and advice that will be of use to others, I will also be able to gain a lot from the schools and colleagues that I interact with.

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