SLE Ruth Astley


Primary Phase
Hollyfast Primary School

I have been teaching in Coventry for ten years, across key stage one and key stage 2. During this time my practice has been recognised as outstanding. In light of this, I spent several years working as a leading teacher for the local authority with the specialisms of literacy, maths and APP.
Currently, I am teaching at Hollyfast Primary School, Coventry, as Assistant headteacher with a long standing responsibility for English and also a leading role as part of the assessment team within the school. I am also an STA appointed moderator for KS2 writing working within the local authority and have also previously been a KS1 moderator.

I am able to offer support within the area of assessment. I have experience of leading training, modelling good practice and coaching and mentoring teams and individuals around assessment for learning, assessment of learning and enriching assessment opportunities through the curriculum. As literacy leader, I also have additional specialisms in the development of reading, writing and phonics practice within literacy and across the curriculum.

I have developed CPD and support packages for a range of colleagues, from NQTs to experienced leaders within my own school and other schools, through a range of collaborative approaches within the areas of assessment and English. I have also successfully led cross school moderation of assessment within our school network.

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