SLE Rebecca Dowler

Early Years and EYFS Assessment
Early Years Foundation Stage
Whittle Academy

I work as Early Years lead and Reception class teacher at Whittle Academy. Previously to this I have worked as Early Years lead and EYFS Assessment lead across the Affinity Federation in Coventry. I work hard to ensure that we have a relentless drive towards school improvement and I am continually striving to ensure all learners achieve their true capacity which is reflected in high quality results. I have the skills and attributes to cascade knowledge to ensure the development of teachers within settings to promote the same high quality outcomes. My work both as a class teacher and a leader over the last few years has further motivated me as I have seen first hand the positive results it brings and the children who are able to reap the rewards of this!

During the last few years I have worked on developing a bespoke assessment scheme for the EYFS. It enables practitioners to create appropriate target groups and next steps for children in order to maximise their progress. Furthermore, children that make above or below expected progress at any time can be easily identified and moved into or out of target groups. In this way it allows practitioners to plan for progress more effectively.

I have recent experience in supporting and coaching staff who are new to leadership roles within the EYFS and I am able to offer support on all aspects of the Early Years curriculum including teaching and learning, planning and developing the environment. I have had experience working with experienced teachers and NQTs and will adjust my approach accordingly. I can also offer knowledgeable expertise in the matter of EYFS assessment.

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