SLE Michelle Clemons


Early Years
Primary Phase
Gosford Park Primary School

I am currently Deputy Headteacher at Gosford Park School with responsibility for the Foundation Stage. My career to date, as class teacher, Foundation Stage Leader and LA Advisor, has given me the opportunity to work in a range of schools and early years settings. I have had the privilege of working alongside some outstanding colleagues who have inspired me to be reflective and responsive as both a class teacher and Foundation Stage Leader.

I am personable and realistic about the expectations and demands placed upon us as teachers and leaders. I am, however, very passionate about providing engaging and challenging experiences for Foundation Stage children. I have high expectations of learners and strive to ensure that what we do is achievable, effective and measurable. I am conscious that we all face different challenges in the form of managing data, providing an engaging environment, documenting learning, planning, observing children and so on. The tasks are immense but certainly achievable with some creative thinking and an accompanying action plan! My varying roles have provided me a wealth of experience to draw upon and I would welcome the opportunity to share this with you in my role as an SLE.

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