SLE Louise Reeves

Primary Phase
Courthouse Green Primary School

I am currently Maths Leader at Courthouse Green Primary School, where we aim to provide exciting and challenging maths opportunities for the children in our school. Along with other leaders, I have developed a maths curriculum, which is in line with the new national curriculum, while still remaining personalised for the needs of our school. I strongly believe that maths is a subject which all children can enjoy and succeed in. Because of this, I have enhanced the teaching and learning of maths across the school with the use of practical resources to support children’s understanding. Having successfully completed the London based training, a particular interest of mine is the use of the Numicon approach and how it can be used across KS1 and 2 to aid children’s understanding of number and abstract concepts within maths.

Previously, I have been a leading teacher for maths and enjoyed working with other practitioners from my own and other schools to improve maths provision. I am very much looking forward to working with colleagues from other settings to develop the teaching and learning of maths and provide better outcomes for all children.

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