SLE Ann Rayns

Learning and Teaching
Cross Education Phase
Caludon Castle School

I am a Deputy Headteacher, based at Caludon Castle School and have been responsible for shaping our learning and teaching journey since September 2009. It was gratifying when we were awarded ‘outstanding’ in our recent Ofsted inspection (November 2011) for every category, including both learning and teaching and the leadership of it.

I work, also, as a Learning and Teaching Consultant with our support schools both within and outside the city, and I have done so since 2008. I strive to enhance pedagogical and professional practice in all areas of learning and teaching by shaping policy, training Leadership Teams and running whole staff inset. I adopt a coaching or mentoring role at need when supporting individual teachers and have experienced a great deal of success in moving teachers from ‘unsatisfactory’ to ‘good’.

I am a trained and accredited National College facilitator and lead the secondary schools’ MLDP programme.

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