The Department for Education’s National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH)

The NPQH is a revised and updated programme that provides national recognition of your development to become a headteacher.

The main focus of this programme is to ensure all participants increase their confidence and capability in the core skills and responsibilities of an effective school leader. The course will empower participants to develop a strong network to support them as headteachers. Participants will be assessed through a written assignment to ensure they have reached the qualification requirements, plus a viva interview to assess them against the more challenging Ambition bar.

The programme comprises a series of training sessions, along with pre- and post-reading, a nine-day school placement and an in-school impact project. It will start in January 2018 and will run over 6 sessions to the Spring Term 2019.

The course is for:

  • Deputy heads who are aspiring to headship and meet the following eligibility criteria: 
    • You will probably be in a headship role in the next 12-18 months
    • You will have completed at least one year at a deputy head level
    • As this programme is for those whose next step is headship, eligibility is limited to deputy and associate headteachers in secondary settings, and deputy, associate and assistant heads in primary. Assistant heads in secondary whose role is commensurate to that of a deputy head are also eligible
    • You will have evidence of having made substantial positive impact on a school 
  • Those currently in headship roles

Application Window Open 25 September 2017 – 16 October 2017

NPQH Application Form 2017-18


Coventry Teaching Schools Council is a delivery partner of Ambition School Leadership for NPQH. Ambition School Leadership is an accredited provider of the National Professional Qualifications.